09 Professional Universal Cleaner Gelcoat, painting,Stainless steel, glass, wood vinyl, skai

Alkaline detergent specially formulated for boats, containing specific complexing agents and sequestrants to solubilize perfectly traces of sodium, calcium, fat, smoke deposits, atmospheric dust. Specially conceived to clean gelcoat but also stainless steel, glass, plexiglas, chrome, etc…
Professional Universal Cleaner, with surfactants of vegetable origin, respects the environment and contains no phosphates, NTA, chlorine, silicones. Very economical, because highly concentrated, it allows lower dosages.



  • Gelcoat
  • Peinture
  • Inox
  • Verre
  • Bois
  • Vinyl
  • Skaï

Nautic clean autodry shampoo  Nautic clean autodry shampoo  Nautic clean autodry shampoo

Instructions for use


1. Dilute 40ml

of Professional Universal Cleaner in a bucket with 10 l of water

Nautic clean autodry shampoo

2. Apply

with a brush or sponge

Nautic clean autodry shampoo

3. Rinse well with clear water

then wipe or pass the squeegee. For intense stains : dilute 10% with water in a bucket or in a spray bottle, apply and rub with a brush or sponge, and rinse with clear water, then wipe off.

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Technical Specifications:

Physical state: liquid Colour: blue pH: 13,5 Density: 1,09
Storage: keep the bottle tightly closed away from the cold and heat in a ventilated place. Components: sodium hydroxide, alkylpolyglycoside. ‹ 5% (phosphonates, non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants). The surfactants contained in this preparation comply with the criteria of biodegradability as defined in Regulation (EC) no 648/2004 on detergents.

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