Formulated and tested by our laboratory specifically for teak boating.
Brightener & Stabilizer teak for best results.
Two steps: TEAK STEP 1 – TEAK STEP 2


Tous types de matériaux

  • Renovator
  • Does not oxidize stainless steel
  • Does not affect seals


Nautic-clean Teak step 2Nautic-clean Teak step 2

Instructions for use:

Nautic clean - Teak Step 2

1. Dosage

Apply pure or diluted to 50% with water depending of the condition of the teak after having applied T17 TEAK STEP 1.

Nautic clean - Teak Step 2

2. Teak Step 2

With a soft and clean brush, spread T18 TEAK STEP 2 softly. Your teak will clear up for regaining its beautiful original appearance.

Nautic clean - Teak Step 2

3. The reaction

Then rinse with plenty of water, rubbing softly to avoid damaging the fibers of the teak.

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Technical specifications:

Physical state: liquid Colour: colourless pH: 0,5 Density: 1,13
Storage: keep the bottle tightly closed and away from the cold and heat in a ventilated place.
Components: <5% non-ionic surfactants. The surfactants contained in this preparation comply with the criteria of biodegradability as defined in Regulation (EC) no 648/2004 on detergents.

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